Currently BBand and landline with Virgin (£25 pm bband unlimited). Monthly bill approx £60. A lot was calls to mobiles but that will improve - -Just got good deal on a mobile with Orange with unlimited landline calls.

    I am considering changing from Virgin, Orange have mentioned BBand and home phone from £15 per month. Now I know the devil is always in the detail and would be interested to know if anyone else has Orange. Do you need BT line (I am cable).

    Virgin don't seem to be interested in doing a ny deals for me

    Would appreciate any help please


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    :oops: me thinks Orange is not that popular then

    You'll need a BT (or a line over copper) Virgin don't allow other operators to use there "fibre optic" network

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    Does that mean I am now stuck for life with Virgin?


    Does that mean I am now stuck for life with Virgin?

    Use the post code checker at this site ]samknows to find out what services are available in your area, some providers charge a smaller install fee than BT, if you don't wanna get a BT (or equivalent) your stuck with Virgin, or you could try a 3g dongle. Look at the deals section, theres a thread about sky refunding your install charge if you take a package with them

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    Have had a look at Sam knows :o:o:w00t:

    Says we might have an LLU in this area......lost me after that

    Not keen on Sky as I hardly watch TV so don't need extra channels. We do have a freeview box so my kids are not totally deprived.

    Would be nice if we did have a choice

    LLU (local loop unbundling) is the process where other telecoms operators install there own equipment into BT's exchanges, they then rent the copper pair off BT to provide your dial tone, Broadband and sometimes TV across it. Have a look which operators operate in your area, then go to the relevant website and see what they are offering.
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