Orange Blackberry tarrif change question

    I am on the £20/moth 500 mins BB 9700 deal that went hot here about 14-15 months ago

    I now fancy a play with Android so I think I need to inform orange to change my data tarrif.

    Has anyone tried this? how do Orange react?

    I will not sell my 9700 yet in case I want to go back.

    Has anyone tried going from BB tariff to normal data and then back to BIS?

    I know I can just phone Orange but would like to be prepared and know what they may say in advance.

    I do not really want to loose my £5/moth discount

    any help / advice / info gratefully received



    The BIS service is an addon rather than part of the contract plan. Data bundles are also addon's, so they should have no problem changing one for another.

    Just check with them when the change takes place, it used to be on your billing date not the date they change the bundle on their screen. . .

    I've done this and they just swapped my data tariff without any extra charges.

    im with o2 and have the free BIS bolt on which was part of the deal when i signed up 12 months ago. when i got my iphone i asked them to switch it from BB to normal data and they wouldnt allow it. if i removed the BB bolt on i would have to pay £5 to get it back. i overcame this by just buying a £5 bolt on which ran alongside the Free BB bolt on.
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