Orange Box

    Do You know where i can get the orange box for £24-£30
    From a shop in london


    Only place I have seen ornage box xhepa for is from play asia on the internet, think yoyu will be lucky to get it less than £30 unless a shop has a special offer or you trade a game in against it

    Sainsburys have it for £24.97

    Should have asked if the op is after the PC version of the xbox 360 version

    I was meaning about the 360 version in my post

    and I was meaning the pc version


    Original Poster

    which Sainsburys

    All Sainsburys! They are all the same price for PC games etc (barring end-of-line managers discounts etc)

    Original Poster

    I phoned a few branches and they said they dont have can you name me one branch they have it plz


    orange box xbox 360 version cheapest i have found is 26.99 from game anyone know where i can get it cheaper?

    i noticed my local Asda have it reduced now for £24
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