Orange Box Achievement - play with 7 friends

    looking for 7 people with orange box to help me with this achievement.

    Message me if your interested

    i will also help with all the other achievements

    happy gamerscorewhoring!


    are you playing the pc version?

    does the pc version have acheivements??

    Yes the PC version has achievements.
    I'm taking that you're on about TF2?
    I need to do that achievement too.

    Join the INX servers and just ask in chat if you can add 7 people, their servers are always busy and they have lots of people asking to be their friends purely for this reason.

    Oh and they are a good bunch of guys too

    Alternatively I will add you as a friend then you need 6 more people

    I could do with it, GT - CTUK

    Original Poster

    Ok thats 2(3 including me) im on the 360 btw
    - CTUK
    - Magic
    - Me

    Is it possible to join cross platform servers?
    I'm on PC, you're on 360, the servers will be different wont they?
    I mean, PC has had updates, new maps etc.

    Original Poster

    lame i dont think that will work, only seems to work on shadowrun.
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