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    I took out an 18 month mobile contract with orange which is due to expire soon. At the time they were offering free broadband which I set up in my home and am using now. Does anyone know what will happen if I don't renew my contract with them. Can I keep the free broadband or will I get charged? if so how much.

    any help much appreciated.



    i would expect they will charge you or cancel it and ask for the livebox back

    Please do search on 'Orange' and see last nights thread on this subject to which I added :-

    Been there with this one!!. Was on a cash back deal which came to an end. Orange had given me free broadband for being on a £30 + mobile phone contract. This free broadband would cost £20. Orange no longer do free broadband on its own. You have to take on their home phone, as well as the broadband, in a package costing minimum £15 (not available free). If you take out a new Orange contract, ie with another retailer, you will lose your free broadband, but will be eligible for Orange's home phone and broadband package. If you renew your contract with Orange (min £30) you can keep your free broadband and have a shiney new handset. I cant tell you what to do, as thats your call, but I stayed with them, which is what they obviously wanted me to do!!. Hope this helps

    If you really want to cancel with Orange that is up to you.

    This is what I've done ---

    You could just get a pay as you go sim card for your phone which you could keep your phone you are using now, so you would still have a mobile on Orange.

    Then if it's free broadband you are after take a look at the deals SKY are doing at the moment.
    You could get free evenings and weekend calls on your landline with SKY TALK
    Plus the free Broadband you wanted.

    and as long as you have Sky Tv all this comes Free.

    hope this has been helpful.

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