Orange Broadband Retention Deals, What are the current Offers?

Found 6th Jan 2009
Last year I renewed my Orange Broadband contract and was put on the Retention Package which was £9.99 a month for a 12 month contract and I got 6 months free. Now it is time to renew and before I start to negotiate I'd like an idea about what other people are being offered. Previously I've used O2 Broadband at £7.50 a month as the yardstick to beat them with, any other similar deals around.

Please don't come on slagging off Orange, I've been with them through Freeserve, Wannadoo and now Orange so I am happy with the service, I just like to get a better price.
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ive had free broadband from orange for a few years now. if you have a mobile contract with them its free. that may be a good way off getting a better deal. contact orange direct as they generally give the better deals.
Thanks for the replies, I have phone contract with O2, had it for years so don't really want to change.

Had a look at MSE, not much that I didn't already know, but thanks anyway.

I've just asked for my MAC code so we'll see what they offer now.
I also received free broadband when I took out an Orange mobile contract in April 2007, I also paid the extra £5 a month for the Livebox and free voip calls. I cancelled my mobile contract in April 2008 as it was a12 month free cashback deal. Since then I have still received the broadband and calls for £5 per month ever since, I have not contacted Orange to discuss my broadband contract.
Anyone knows what the current retention deal been offered by orange. cheers
hi there , i actually work for orange broadband so hope i can help you
the retention package your on now is probably the best the only other broadband we offer cheaper is teh free package that is included with mobile phone , other than that we have
broadband starter package - £12.99
broadband plus - £15.99
home starter - £ 17.99
home select - £17.99
home max - £ 23.99

(all home packages means orange take over your landline services so no line rental is paid to BT)

hope that helps
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