Orange Broadband Upgrade advise. Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeee

I am on the 8meg Unlimited Broadband package with unlimited anytime calls from the livebox and international calls to 10 free destination.
I have been quite happy with the package so I decided to extend my contract but with a change in price and I have read on here that you can get the first 6 month free with the last 6 months for 9.99.
I was speaking with the CSA about the upgrade and she all they could offer was either:
1) first 6 month free with the last 6 month for 9.99 BUT with 10gig usage allowance a month
2)first 6 month free and the last 6 month for 19.99 with my current package.

I told her about having my current package for 6 month free and last 6 month for 9.99. but she said orange has never given anyone something like that.

please advice.




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Thanks for the corrrection. any advice please. please

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bump please
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