Orange Broadband weirdness

Has anyone who has Orange had any problems with websites over the last couple of days, all of mine seem to work fine except for one.

Its a poker forum thing and a couple of the brits on there site have had the same problem only they use a different ISP than me.

Was just wondering if anyone else is experiencing the same thing or has any solutions without me having to phone Orange.

We've tried deleting cookies, cache, restarting mozilla/IE, rebooting the router.

I really have no idea why this has happened, happened about yesterday lunchtime roughly, we can still access the site using a proxy which leads me to think that its the site but still seems weird especially as they haven't done any updates lately.

Ty for reading and rep will be given for help.


mines ok im with orange
try crapcleaner not a bad program
may sort it?

Original Poster


mines ok im with orangetry crapcleaner not a bad programmay sort it?

ty will pass your comments onto OH.
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