Orange cancellation problem


Would really appreciate some help on this as otherwise I'm going to lose a lot of money!

Basically I signed up to a cashback deal a year ago through a third party local shop through Orange where I was paying £40/month per contract but worked out free after cashback! I bought 2 of these contracts and soon the shop shut down but I still had to finish the contract.. So with the 12 months coming closer I called Orange to cancel and requested a PAC code so I could transfer my number over to a new contract (which I hadn't ordered, I planned to find one before the current contracts ended).

I wasn't sure on the status of my cancellation so called up on Friday and they told me that there was no cancellation request, but there had been a PAC code request. I told them that I didn't need a PAC code as didn't want to transfer the number (I planned to get a new one with a new contract so I could do it in my own time)... Then when I told the guy I would like to put in a cancellation request, he questioned it, and said I just cancelled the original request. This completely confused me as he had originally said there was no cancellation request. He went onto explain that cancelling the PAC code request, cancelled the cancellation request, as it is all one thing - this had not been explained to me at any point!

Now I have to stay on for an extra month, which wouldn't have otherwsie happened, and will cost me £80!

Is there anything I can do? For my new contract, I'm happy to pay anything up to £10/month and don't need too many minutes or texts!



in the first paragraph you said you requested a pac and then in the second a cancellation?
if you request a pac they dont cancel your line-its live til it gets picked up by the other contract..

i think the best thing here is trading standards.

never ever get cashback deals with small mobile shops, i dont even trust with cashbacks and there the best company at cashback things.

anyway give consumeradvice a call 08454040506 (charged number) or enter the same number into…php to get a free number
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