Orange Care Insurance problems with getting a replacement phone what a rip-off?

    Firstly apologies for the long essay.

    My wife has Orange Care and and a monthly spend inc insurance of around £40 per month, she has also been with Orange around 10-11 years
    This is the predicament Last year in July she took an upgrade and a new 18 Month contract. The phone she got was a Sony Ericsson W890i. At first it supposedly worked ok but progressively got worse in terms of reception, dropping the network, etc. All firmware had been updated but in February of this year it just became unbearable. By the way I have O2 and there are no signal drop outs or anything.
    My wife phoned Orange and as she did not have insurance she was advised to do so and she could then get another phone. She took the replacement phone, same model as previously a W890i, with days this phone started to play up so he called Orange again and another phone was sent outexactly the same phone a W890i, my wife wasnt happy with this and requested that an alternative phone was offered. Orange declined and said that was not possible.

    About a month ago she after a frustrating time with the third W890i my wife decided to try her old phone a Samsung D900 which worked perfectly with no drop outs. So I told her as she has Orange Care that she should call Orange.
    She called last Monday and was told someone would call her back in 24 hours, this did not happen so 72 hours later my wife called back again, and again was told someone would call her back, she told them her dismay as she was previously promised a call back but to no avail. In this case she did get a call back on Thursday but was told she should take another W890i. She stated that she was clearly unhappy with this because all three phones she had previously had the same issue and she would rather have an alternative. Orange basically said that they couldnt do this and she would have to take another W890i. She argued and argued the fact over several call backs on Thursday. Finally they said to her if she takes the FOURTH handset that she could call back when she receives it and can get an alternative handset. The 4th phone came an low and behold it exhibited the same fault. She called up and was given two alternatives to the W890i a Nokia 6500 Slide and a Sony Ericsson W910i which in our opinion both are slide phones, inferior specification and not suitable replacements. Also she doesnt like slide phones, why she made a buying choice of the w890i.
    They have refused flatly to give here any other alternatives instead giving her the following options

    1.) leave Orange with out paying off the rest of her contract (7 months)
    2.) take a new 18 month contract to get an upgraded phone
    3.) buy a PAYG phone from Orange and have the cost credited back to her account
    4.) take one of the two alternative replacement phones Nokia 6500 Slide or a Sony Ericsson W910i, which understandibly considering the whole timescale of the event and the fact that the two phones offered are unsuitable she declined.

    Also off their own back they offered to refund her insurance paid to date, she did not ask of this..

    All she wants is a bigger choice of replacement handsets as per the terms of the insurance, which is down to Oranges discretion, I dont think she is being unreasonable considering her time with the provider and the patience in taking 3 replacement handsets.

    They are due to call her back tomorrow from the Operations Manager.

    I feel Orange has treated her unfairly but what can she do next?


    Reading those options and the offer to refund her insurance payments doesn't look that unfair to me :?

    Take option 1, get the insurance back and join O2. Simples.


    Reading those options and the offer to refund her insurance payments … Reading those options and the offer to refund her insurance payments doesn't look that unfair to me :?Take option 1, get the insurance back and join O2. Simples.

    +1 :thumbsup:

    How much would it cost to buy out the contract? Why not sell the next brand new phone they send you and buy whichever one she wants

    Original Poster

    Cheers all, thans for all you answers. We've decided that she'll see out her contract and move to sim only on O2. The thing is that we feel considering her loyalty Orange has treated her unfairly and just given her the bird. The two phone options are for phones that have little or no resale value... also they are already out of date... we want to hold out for a better phone but they just try to unfairly push you doing things you don't want to. What's the point of insurance??? Is there anyone you has had anything like this happen to them and who can we complain to?

    Id say if they have offered for her to leave the contract and not pay the 7 months remaining, thats a pretty good deal (if she is paying 40 pound a month then 40 x 7 = £280.00 she would save. She could then go to whatever network she wants with a brand new spanking phone and deal with orange afterwards by sending them a letter detailing the above and maybe getting some compensation of sorts?

    Any insurance will only give you like for like, you'll never get an upgrade.

    You need to take to issue up with tech support, the problem can't be dealt with by the insurance dept as its an handset fault.

    Orange don't give a stuff about loyalty - was with them for 15 years and their customer service at my last upgrade time was poor to say the least.

    tbh ive never had a problem with orange replacements.
    I have used them twice and both tims received a new phone by 10 the next day even after ordering at 6pm saturday (arrived 9.25 sunday morn via courier).

    Not a great upgrade, but great when going through cancellations infact it was a pretty awsome deal.
    Have also foud recieving clalbacks as as pretty much unreliable though!!

    if they have offered to let you cancel with 7 months left that is pretty good of them to be honest and i would take that. but as has been said. you will never get an upgrade from insurace, only like for like or a sidestep, which they have offered by the sounds of it (but you dont like) There is one exception and that is if the item in question is no longer made/available in which case they will send you the next phone up in the series.

    and the moral of the story is......2 for 1 cinema tickets dont mean jack!:w00t::w00t:

    My daughter has been told that they will not repair or replace her orange blackberry as she only has 3 months of the contract left. She is not looking for an upgrade but just a working phone. Then they told her she must continue to pay the insurance and contract fee, in total of 46 pounds a month or she will get a bad credit rating. This just sounds criminal to me especially as she has paid over 1000 pounds over the last 21 months without missing her bill once. Looks like orange care need to add a couple of words to its insurance plan. Should read "Orange we dont Care".

    I've had similar problems. 6 months into a 24 month contract and I have had my Lumia 920 sent back to the nokia care point 6 times, a replacement handset has been issued, and that model has been 'repaired' twice. Orange refuses to take responsibility, claiming that the issue and responsibility lies with Nokia, not with Orange/EE, which is in complete opposition to the Fair trade and customer trade act.

    I find it strange that despite the fact that through the course of a contract, be it 12/24/32 months in duration we pay hundreds or thousands of pounds, we seem to have no choice if the product we are paying for is unreliable, incompetent and detrimental to business - as my Nokia's constant soft reset behaviour is.

    Orange, I bid you adieu, a hasty return to O2 is on the cards. Useless, bad signal reception, stupid parental control on internet services, customer care staff that in my experience do not care one jot, the list goes on. It is just sad when a huge company focuses on its short term profits rather than long term, repeat income and customer service.

    Original Poster

    To be honest Charles, I've been with o2 for the last 6 years and I find them faultless. I'm now on a blinding tariff £20 per month, SIM only, unlimited calls, unlimited texts, 1mb data on a 12 month contract where I can upgrade to a phone at anytime. I have an iPhone 4 which is serving me well and as long as the operating system keeps being upgraded should last me until a full national 4G rollout with all operators when I think I'll upgrade then. And it maybe for an Android or Apple handset.
    My wife did leave Orange in the end and opted for a Vodafone business contract, it was the best at the time.
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