Orange cashback £150 contract phone from Quidco!

£150 for monthly contract (per transaction, not per phone basis) This offer does not apply to 36 month contracts


Just to let you know, I took out 2 contracts, one for me & one for my hubby. I have received one payment which is ideal, but 7 months on, I'm still waiting for orange and quidco to pay up for the second one.

I did this last July when it was £150 and despite it tracking through quidco they then refused to pay it. I never got a valid reason why just got told by quidco that they were unable to chase it up with Orange because Orange had said I had used another reward scheme, which I hadnt .

Blimey! Who would want to do a 36 month contract! Good deal but too risky if the £150 payout are so hit and miss.

any crazy ones for 36 moths there???? They must be like that at Orange...
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