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    Was looking for a little advice,i took a 18 month contract out with orange 6 months ago.I was told in phones 4 u the shop i bought the phone out of that i would be on a 40 pounds a month contract,i asked if this included vat,tax etc and they told me yes all included in 40,well the 6 bills i have had in so far have all been for just under 50 these extra costs are vat.I tried to call orange and explain that i had been sold the phone and told it would be a total cost of 40,but there just not intrested,me and hubby are going through money troubles right now and am finding 50 quid a month quite hard to pay,just looking for any advice about how i can maybe cancel contract or reduce payments,i have been told by orange that after i have paid 12 months bills i can switch to a lower tariff but this is still 6 months away.Thanks in advance



    Have you tried going back instore and telling them they they misadvised you on the costs as you specifically stated £40 a month all in?

    If you received a receipt of some kind from Phones4U, they might be able to track down the sales employee, then you can discuss it with them again? Just a thought.

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    Yes have tried going back in but typical apparently the guy doesnt work there anymore.As for the receipt i have one but it says 40 pounds a month but it says nothing about that including vat

    I know you probably know this but you pay vat on most everything - but your bill should round up to £40 including vat £40+vat is £47 - so there is an anomially somewhere - are there any other items on the bill that would take it up to the £50 pound mark - my own experience with my son's orange bill was that he was being charged for a DATA bundle that he didn't know he signed up for and also was paying for TEXT receipts at 0.09p per time - these fairly hiked up his bill -

    hope you get it sorted out


    If your bill is £47 then thats obviously VAT but if its more than they should have gone through with you how many texts you use, minutes you use etc and then give you a package that suits you.
    Just because someone doesnt work there anymore doesnt mean that they can wash their hands of it. Go back in there again and ask to speak to a manager and see where that gets you. Maybe try and bargain with them that for the remaining term of your contract they subsidise the extra £7 a month.
    Be confident; if they see you are going to crumble at their first refusal that is all they will do.

    Check your bill. They may be a £5 charge for Off Peak Internet Usage. I found this out... (at my NEXT renewal).

    they will do something for you if you make enough fuss-politely ofcourse! contracts can be cancelled if mis-sold so get down there with what info you have and ask for the manager and if he is useless the area managers number. Hope you get it sorted!
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