orange contract

    im thinking of going on contract, is this a good deal?
    400 mins
    unlimited texts
    free 32" tv
    30 quid a month


    Depends if you want the TV.... You can get 600 mins and unlimited txts from orange for £30... ]THE unlimited txt plans from orange..

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    i do want the tv, ino normally contracts where you get a free gift are carp but this seems ok

    i got a w910i on contract with 500 mins unlimited texts 30 mins video callin a month for £22, i said i was a me it cheaper,and if u work for a company, u get even cheaper and if u hand in an old fone u get 150 taken off in stages monthly

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    thts pretty good, i might try going into a store and seeing what i can get

    do a lil bit of flirting and u can get the fone for free aswell as i was usually ment to pay £50 towards the fone lol


    yeh try bartering a little it's amazing how much money you can save

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    i will show them my tits, tht will convince em
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