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    At the 15month point today. This account has is now about 33 months old. I know you can upgrade at this point but what about if you just want to switch to sim only? Or do I just have to wait until the final date of the 18 months? Only want a sim as I have an iphone so hoping to lower my monthly cost.

    Thanks in advance for any help.

    EDIT: I should add I will just call them tonight probably but I'm working all day so just checking if anyone wants to share experiences I can use before I call tonight!


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    Knew I should have waited til later in the morning to post that! Oh well, won't bump again but if anyone has recently gone through this please drop a message about what you managed to get. Have a good day all!

    i have recently gone onto sim only with orange but i was out of my contract i had previously lost my phone and didnt want to upgrade so when the hubby got his iphone i had his blackberry i now still pay monthly but get 1000 minutes unlimited tex and my internet usage for 22.50 dont know if this helps you out

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    Called up a few days ago and offered me
    200 mins, 300 texts, unlim landlines, unlim data (aka 500mb) for £12.50 a month with a Nokia 2730 (not really fussed on the phone as i have an iphone)

    Only issue is the dreaded 24 month contract! So told them I'd think about it ha. Have one of those Tesco SIM with the 500 mins, unlim text and data (500mb) for £10 a month rolling contract but would need my iphone unlocked. Can Orange unlock an iphone that was only taken out for a contract with them a few months ago??

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    Got an outrageous deal for my mother but can't improve mine...yet!

    Got her LG Optimus, 200 mins, unlim landlines, 1300 texts, unlimited internet (they said uncapped) and 30 photo messages for £15 a month over 24 months. She's landed with that! I'd take that any day but no luck. Will try again tomorrow. Only noting this for anyone who wants it as reference!
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