Orange contract ending .. looking for new deal

My daughter's orange contract is ending soon and I'm in the market for a new deal. She likes the phone she has at the moment and uses most of the cross net 300 texts her current contract provides. She does not use her full 100 cross net minutes. This current contract is the dolphin 25 service which is £25 per month.

I 'm thinking maybe a contract sim only deal would suit her best but not sure how these work. Would be grateful for any advice or great deals anyone knows about (I could spend hours and hours searching online!) Cheers!


Have you looked at O2 Simplicity tarrifs?

'Online 15' gives 200mins/400txts for £15 per month with no contract required.


phone Orange and tell them you think there are better deals out there and what could they do. I got my o2 contract down by £15 and the minutes and texts upped to the maximum by making that phone call

On the last two occassions when my (and the wife) contract has come to an end I have waited right up to the last minute to renew. We are with Vodafone and they would not give us the contract and mobile phones we wanted and with about a week or so to go we could almost pick and choose what we wanted as they did not want to lose our custom.

So hold fire for as long as you can and be patient, firm and polite when they phone and you will get exactly what you want.

orange do a £15 18 month tariff that has unlin=mited texts and 100 any time any network minutes plus you can nominate a magic number for up to 3 hours of calls a day ( must be an orange mobile) You get a choice of about 4 free phones


This deal has been posted several times befor but seems a real bargin

imo with £80 quidco and a phone thatll easily sell for another £100 at least you cant go wrong with this and you have more calls and texts should you ever need them in the future:thumbsup:


Or the 3 £25 tariff with 500 mins and unlimited texts which is only a 12 MONTH contract unlike most others, £47.50 quidco cashback and a free 6500 slide which should get £130-150 on ebay.........

cancel the contract and hold back

iv just had my 3 contract reduced to £5 a month for life
300 mins and 1000 texts!!! happy days

My Orange contract just finished last month and I called up 150 to 'cancel' my contract and they were falling over themselves to get me to stay. I was on the £25 tariff (raccoon I think) and basically they gave me the G600 for nothing (previously wanted to charge me £80 for the phone and when I said I was still thinking of only taking a 12 month contract they gave me another fiver off the contract. All this was on top of a 10% discount they were applying anyway so my tariff is now down to £17.50 and the phone I wanted for free. Give it a shot as they would much rather keep you as a customer than let you go elsewhere. I've also got another magic number so now got 4 that I get the free calls to now which is handy as most of my family are on Orange.

Was also in the Orange shop on Friday and they have some decent phones on the £15 a month contract with 100 mins mentioned above, but if you want the unlimited texts you need to take out a 24 month contract. If you only go for 18 months then you get 300 texts and the 100 cross network minutes.

When we phoned orange at the end of our contract this year and after being with them for 12 years, they were useless. We took out a good new contract with phones4u.
On my daughters phone we do the pay as you go with orange and as long as you put £10 a month on by a certain date you get 300 free texts which she find great and the call money just adds up and if its shcool holidays and she needs more texts, we then buy a text bundle aswell. We have been doing this now for over two years and I always top up by the 7th of the month which is our date, so I just do it each month just after I get paid at the end of the month.

I find o2 pay as you go great, you get your 300 free texts per month if you top up by £10, but you don't have to religiously stick to topping up every month by a certain date, my 300 texts last me the month, then the £10 credit last me another month or so, then i top up another £10 and my free texts start again. If like me you mainly text, it works out great.

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Just wanna say a huge thank you to all you lovely people who kindly took time to answer my query. I took on board your advice and got a great RESULT!

Rang orange just a couple of days before contract expired and managed to get this deal ....

100 talking mins
Unlimited texties
A Sony Ericsson W660i phone

Guess how much??? Wait for it ........... £12 per month. Ha Ha.

It definitely does pay to pretend to be assertive and threaten these companies with taking your custom elsewhere. Thanks a bunch everyone.
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