Orange contract help please

    Hey there i am on Orange and my contract up up for renewel and i have been waiting for them to get the iphones in stock, i rang them and asked them what dealk they could do for me i wanted a iphone 16 3gs the bes i could see whithout paying for the phone is

    £45pm 1200mins 500messages 24month contract

    i have been with orange for 4years and they said i could not take my discounts i have made up over the years

    £5 off pm contract and 10% off pm contract

    they said that i would have to pay

    £45pm 1200mins 500messages 24month contract

    and there is nothing they can do can any 1 conferm this orange said that apple dictact the contract price andmins and texes and contract lenth

    thank you


    I think I've read elsewhere that you can't negotiate on iPhone tariffs because apple fix the price as part of the agreement to sell, so there is probably nothing you can do. However, you may be able to find one for slightly less if a company is getting rid of old stock or closing down etc. but this will not be on contract.

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    its a dam con been waiting for ages and to be told my bussiness don't matter lol

    thank you for ya reply


    its a dam con been waiting for ages and to be told my bussiness don't … its a dam con been waiting for ages and to be told my bussiness don't matter lolthank you for ya reply

    exactly the same as me i cancelled and got bought the iphone for my birthday (which isnt till next week so cant use :x) and now am on a 20 a month contract for 600 mins unlimited internet and unlimited texts,

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    it's crap i am thinking about going to 02 as i think they offer the better deal and also offer unlimited internet and the service for 02 is mint

    it's shocking when you have been with them for suck a long time and they won't do anything to keep your bussiness

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    o happy birthday in a few weeks

    i just don't get why people take out a contract with the iphone its a total rip off, it also shows your value to a organisation you have been loyal to over the years

    if i was you i would try get a fairly decent phone and contract sell the handset brand new and put the cash towards an iphone

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    hahaha thats a good plan i never fort off that lol thank you



    another rant about how expensive iPhones are by someone who cant afford one

    and no I dont have one - dont want one

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    sounds like you carn't affored one
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