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    Hi, wonder is anyone can help

    My Daughter has a Blackberry on Orange and her contract does not expire until 31st October. Is there anyway of cancelling this without incurring massive cancellation costs?




    Usually no.

    Never done this myself but was offered it and also a friend had it done. If you are looking at moving to another service Provider you could always ask them to pay off your existing contract but I think that all depends on many different factors, i.e. how long is left, what contract you going onto etc etc. Apart from that the only other way is to pay off all the remaing months line rental charges now.

    I am sure if I am wrong in what I said above someone will be along to correct me.

    You must pay what ever is outstanding on the contract to cancel.

    Mobile contracts have been around so long that there are no loopholes left.

    The only way out is to pay off the minimum term you agreed to at the start.

    usually with orange if u want to cancel early they wont charge u the vat so paying it off early will be slightly cheaper if ur not going to be using it- if that makes sense! i did this with orange

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    Thanks everyone, but I think she's stuck with it for a little longer, they want £215!!!!
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