Orange Contract Upgrade - bit of a mine field this to me!


    Quick Summary:
    Contract ends early March
    Currently on Orange Dolphin 35 12 month contract.

    Nokia 6500 Free
    Dolphin 35 18 month contract for £25pm.

    Firstly, is this a good offer in itself? Secondly, I really don't think I need 600 min and unlimited texts. Anyone had any comparitively good offers on Dolphin 30?

    After Orange experiences really, before this thread gets full of o2, T-Mobile etc... So if anyone could help advise...?


    I was with orange on a 12 month contract paying £35 a month.

    I just used to upgrade my phone and carry on with the same contract which was 400 text and 400 mins.

    But my missus cancelled her contract with orange and went with dial-a-phone with o2 which worked out cheaper, more mins and text and a free 19" samsung tv.

    So i cancelled with orange and did the same as my missus got £40 for introducing a friend.
    I have now got 500 text and 500 mins with o2, new phone and a free nintendo wii and costs £30 a month, with £70 cashback.

    Would recommend dial-a-phone anyday...:thumbsup:

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    i had my last two contracts for my daughter from CPW, forst one was totally free after cashbacks, this one is £4-99 per month after cashbacks, plus i traded a phone for £20 off plus quidco, basically they pay me, never had a cashback refused

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    Did Cashback last contract - well - went with cashback. Not good with cashbacks, would prefer just a cheaper contract.

    Last Orange upgrade for me (after negotiation) i got 1000 mins plus 100 txts and a free LG viewty for £25 a month (18 month contract tho). I had to threaten to leave them.

    One thing I did notice was that you have to leave it till the last month to get the best deals and I had to talk to multiple "retentions agents" to get the right deal for me.

    hope this helps you.


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    It does help - thanks

    My Orange contract ran out in Feb and I rang them up and threatened to leave because I was on the same contract as you (600 mins and however many texts) and never use anywhere near the amount.

    The lady I spoke to was so friendly and helpful and offered the same tariff as I was on, but for £20 a month, or she offered me one which was less mins and texts for £15 a month. She looked up how many minutes and texts I used on average a month and told me a price and tariff from that.

    I took her up on the £20 per month offer and got a Samsung U600 because I'm not really too bothered about having amazing upgrades. (I had a D900 before) She even stayed on the phone while I looked up all the phones she was offering me on the internet.

    I also enquired about having a phone that wasn't on their free list, and she offered me £25 off the phone, but told me I would have to pay. I think if I had pushed a bit I might have been able to get more money off, but as I say, wasn't really interested in a really high tech upgrade or anything.

    As other people have said, I think if you ring them up in your last month and threaten to leave and reject a few offers you will eventually find that they will give you a good deal.

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    I must be a valued Orange Customer.

    Dolphin 35 (500 texts and 300 minutes) on a 12 month contract. £10 per month, with a free N95. Wowee!
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