Found 27th Aug 2009
Could anybody tell me if there is a way to cancel my contract with orange.

I have been with them for less than a month and so far ive had 4 replacement phones as the others have been faulty and im getting bored of this.

Thank you


[FONT=Verdana]Mmm, not sure if this is any good for you but you might want to check this one out but also there was a large thread on here discussing how to cancel previously.

Thousands can cancel Orange contracts after loophole is opened | BitterWallet…723

Cheers, Scotty Boy! :thumbsup:[/FONT]

hi, if you have had that many replacements, were they all for same fault ?? if so they can either give u a different modle replacement or you should be ok to cancel due to that many issues

What phone have you had ?.

Just keep complaining, my dad had a problem with a phone from them and he made countless phone calls and wrote letters to people higher up in Orange they eventually cancelled his contract.

The problem was the wi-fi would not work properly and if you acctually googled the problem nearly every site you found blamed the orange firmware.

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ive got the HTC Hero the headphone port has broken on everyone i think i should be able to after 4 replacements and if they offer a different phone theres not one i wwant?

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so if they offer a replacement or a change of phone and i say i dont want either what will happen then?

if they classed it as a fult on the phone after 3 replacements for same issue the have to offer a different model replacement - if they have been classed as damaged then they only replace like for like. Not sure what would happen if u said u didnt want a replacement at all, not sure if they would defo allow cancellation
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