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    Just wondering on the off chance if anyone knew of a specific email address to send complaints about Orange to?
    To cut a long long story short I ordered a new phone with a nokia bluetooth carkit back in August 2006. I'm still waiting for the carkit. I call at least once a week, I'm told it's definitely going to be sent and to wait a week. I wait for the week.. it doesn't turn up so I re call only to have to re submit the request as they seemingly have no record of it. I've tried emailing the customer service with the complaint but they always reply saying they can't deal with it and I need to call.
    I'm starting to lose my will to live with this, so if anyones got an email address of someone I could contact directly that'd be great.

    Thanks in advance


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    You could try "say no to 0870" I know they provide local numbers for companies and might do emails.

    Im not a fan of orange, I wanted an unlock code for my phone and everytime I asked for it they would cut me off (calling them cost 25p/min) in the end I had to go into the store and get them to call, still cost me £20 + phone calls!

    Good luck, I hope you stuff orange!
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