Orange dial up contract problem

    Sorry to be a pain and I know this is only my second topic and its another problem but I dont know any other place to get info.

    I phoned orange back at end of September and said I had just got a phone line installed and needed dial up temporarily until my broadband was installed(non Orange) they told me about the monthly one which was about £13 a month, and I would only be billed until I cancelled.

    I had it for 5 days then my broadband came on, so I phoned to cancel and stopped using it.

    I just got a letter today saying I owed almost £40 and had been disconnected and unless I paid in 7 days they would pass my account over to debt collectors.

    They also phoned me and I explained the situation and the guy was rude and said I had a contract which had a 30 day notice period, and no record of me phoning had been made, I told him I could prove I phoned as I had my BT bill and would fax them and send them copies of my bills, he ignored what I said and he kept on about debt collectors.

    I then said if you check the system you will see I havent used it in 2 months, which after 10 or so minutes arguing he did check the account and confirmed it had been last used at the start of October.

    I asked why the bill was so high, and he said even though I was connected at the end of September I get charged for the FULL month!

    After about 20 minutes more arguing I told him to just set the debt collectors on me as I had proof I made the phone call and I would take the matter further.

    What else can I do?

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    did u get the uk office or the asian call center ?
    ive had loads of problems with them lately, i went from anytime dial up to broadband with them with a 30 day cancellation period for the b/band, cancelled within 17 days but they have been taking the dial up and the b/band from my bank so i cancelled the dd, and have been receiving threatening emails ever since, at least i have proof of receiving a mac code from them, they will probably say that your phone bill was accrued by being on hold on the automated system, try ringing till you get someone who will listen i have found with them that thats the best way, or threaten them with a harasment case. good luck
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