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Cutting the story short two months ago I was told I'm eligible for free of charge signal booster. hundreds of calls to customer service later I'm still waiting. Spoke to two different managers, numerous of first line advisors and all i heard are lies. Anybody had the same or similar problem? Any advice much appreciated. And yes I did consider moving/upgrading but for a couple of reasons don't wanna do it yet.


Have you tried going to store? Fobbing you off on the phone is one thing, but you might have more success if you apply the pressure face to face


I work in the indirect channel. The signal boosters have been out of stock for some time now (so we're told) and they won't be getting any more in. Calling over Wifi comes out next month on the iPhone 6, and we're told other devices will begin supporting it shortly after.

Standard signal boosters (the ones EE did supply) go on eBay for £100+ last time i looked.

I asked for one of these as we've moved house. I rang in September and received it within a week. Maybe I was lucky! But they're not amazing, quite intermittant, and they keep somehow crashing my partner's phone.

I might add that the signal is pants in my new house, I didn't just fancy a moving in pressie!

i had loads of hassel been lied too and promises from orange in the end i had to send them a legal letter when they recieved that all of a sudden they were polite and said the usual i am sorry for all the inconvienance but at the time we had computer errors i said yeah right, i left orange and wont be going back

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I tried store they don't stock them, I was told they were oos november, orange was changing supplier as the previous verision was unstable and useless. In store I was told they have one for iPhone but not android devices. I'm paying £60+ a month for my orange contracts and can't use service. Last thursday was promissed by menager he will call me today and he is sure I will get it by the end of the week. He gave me two months free line rental so soon after those I will be leaving orange after many years.

I tried to get one middle of last year but was refused. I tried again in about February this year and got one for about £27, no hassle, no messing about. Seems to be it just depends on who you speak to.

Stability wise I've had no problems, it's been fab.

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ok so I have received txt today from ee saying I can expect delivery on monday (don't believe it until I see it) also got my bills today, guess what full amount honestly fed up with it. Later on I had a phone call from ee tech dept and polite gentleman on the other side ensure me I will receive discount in january (month ago they said december) so dear orange / ee after those promised two months free I will be saying good bye. If I would treat my customers that way I would starve to death.

can you get 4G through these boosters?

Im just outside the 4G area and often get flat spots in the house.

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can you get 4G through these boosters?Im just outside the 4G area and … can you get 4G through these boosters?Im just outside the 4G area and often get flat spots in the house.

I think is 3G only

Keep Calling them we did and we eventually got one, I think there is that many people waiting for them there is a backlog. it did take quite a while though, they can tell you where you are in the queue for one though. Hope this helps.


can you get 4G through these boosters?Im just outside the 4G area and … can you get 4G through these boosters?Im just outside the 4G area and often get flat spots in the house.

If it's a femtocell type box, then why would you want or need 4G on it? It will be connected to your broadband, so you may as well use the wifi on that for data, rather than using up your 4G allowance as well as your own possibly capped broadband.

As far as I know, no one has gone as far as using 4G for voice calls yet (just data) so you'd not miss out on anything.

If you problem is that your battery goes flat too quick as the phone is looking for a 4G signal then reverting to a 3G one, then you possibly would be better off with one of these boxes and switching your phone to look for only 3G signals when at home, then switching back to 4G when you go out / need faster internet.

The battery drain from a phone looking for "better" signals is quite significant.

If you don't believe it, (and if you can), switch your mobile to just 2G or GSM only mode and see how much longer it lasts.
Of course this will be useless if you need data as you will be waiting for ever over the GSM network for anything to download.


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Ok so I have received signal box and can confirm it works. Now I have full strength HSDPA.
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