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Found 3rd Apr 2011

Hoping some one can help. I got my son a contract phone with Orange it came Friday and I've just been on to check his usage as he has to go to the 8th to get his full package which is Unlimited texts 50 mins of calls and 250mb Internet I noticed that he is being charged 9p after every text!!

Now I know he has signed up to Facebook Mobile that sends him texts could it be this that he is being charged for? If so I'm on for a big 1st bill!!!

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Unlimited is 2000 texts over that is 9p

reciving texts is free he mite have gone over his internet usage on facebook ectu can get them to put a bar on so you cannot ever go over

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Thanks, he's not gone over his internet usage I've checked on line. Looks like they might be charging for texts even though he has Unlimited will call them tomorrow. Hopefully they will sort it out as he's sent about 200 texts!!!! The phone will be returned if not
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Just relised what it is, it's actually 0.009p and this is for delivery reports!! This must have been set up on the phone when we got it.... ****!!! At least it's better than 9p per text X)
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Kid + contract phone in your name when you can't afford a big bill = bad idea. Especially if it's a daughter.

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I have 6 kids, he is the youngest all have had contract phones from the age of 13/14 never had a problem. I always keep an eye on line and make them aware if they are near limits. I like to give them responsiblity. I can afford the bills thats not a problem, just don't want to pay for something I don't want.

Mind you I do have 5 boys but my daughter was ok too. They all have had p/t jobs from that age too.

switch the delivery reports off


switch the delivery reports off

Agreed, it will be in the Phone's SMS options somewhere.

Also, thanks for Highlighting this Scam perpetuated by Orange. Giving texts "free" then taking another component of texting and charging for it is absolutely disgusting IMO. I have always considered delivery reports to be part of the deal for an SMS message.

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Done, I'm really annoyed about this. If I hadn't checked my account I would never had know. Now Obviously the phone came pre-set with the delivery reports on, so not sure if it's Orange or Sony Ericsson (Experia). Apparently Orange introduced a charge for delivery reports when they started offering Unlimited Packages 0.009 which is about a penny and if you send a lot of texts over a year soon adds up, so check your itemised bill. It shows up under each text message.

Now when we checked his phone all that happens is you get a tick by the message, in my day you used to get a further message saying it had been delivered so he wasn't really aware of what it was.

Anyway sorted now thanks everyone
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