Orange Fair Usage Policy?

    Hi well I went over my 3000 fair usage text policy( unlimited texts) and rang up to see what would happen and apparenlt it has been upgraded to 10000?
    Is this true?
    Can't find it anywhere?


    No answer but just one question - How??!!!

    Original Poster

    You mean go over 3000 texts?
    I'm a teenager
    Need I say more lmao!

    I must be old - I send about six a month!!

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    Lol normally its around 1000-2000 but I dunno why so many this month! Seems to have gone really slow actually!

    I dont think I've sent 3000 texts in my lifetime:w00t:

    i send 1500 a month- about 500 to one person lol and the rest are football texts to remind of matches, training etc and also class mates trying to figure out questions lol

    id like to know if its been upgraded to 10,000. I would never trust orange call centre, if it has changed it would be in T&Cs.

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    Yeah ano
    Well If they charge me I'm going to pin it on them!
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