Orange Freebie - IPOD NANO?

    Hi folks,

    My contract with Orange is up for renewal now, and I'm going to get a handset with them in the next couple days. A quick question about freebies though......I notice online there's an offer to get a free ipod nano if you take out an 18 monther with assuming that's the 4Gb not the 8Gb version, right?

    I notice that the Orange shops have different freebie offers from the online Orange shops (I got a DS free with a previous upgrade). Does anyone know what the current/future shops and online offers are? Should I hold on - or is a nano as good as its going to get?


    Free psp

    Original Poster

    Que? Please clarify

    Are you telling us what orange have at the moment or are you involved in an anti-Sony-captivity drive?

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    ...or indeed if there are any really good deals with the independents to go with Orange and get a nice freebie on the 18month upgrade contract now...

    ....anything good out there?

    I saw a sign saying free psp in the orange shop yesterday

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    Do the likes of carphone warehouse and co do upgrades with freebies?

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    Ahh oops..just popped into town over lunch to upgrade, but the stores arent giving anything away..certainly not a PSP..looking like its an online upgrade for me..:) No bother.

    they should still be doing a cash back of £150 from shop £180 net and maybe more if u phone (cheaper deal) what phone u gonna get? my shop still does psp whent there 2day.still advertiseing it there
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