Orange Help - DPA Issues

    I've recently agreed to sign over to Orange home broadband.

    They've tried calling me a couple times in relation to my MAC code which I've been unable to get from PlusNet due to them being shut due to the poor weather.

    Orange have sent me an email today, which includes a minimum of 300 other people's email addresses in the same situation as myself.

    I have spoken to Orange who have informed me that they are investigating this error. I'm so annoyed that my email has been published to all these people and the spam that I could possibly receive due to this leak. The advisor I spoke to was constantly stuttering and clearly hasn't had a proper brief of how they're dealing with this matter.

    I gave them my personal email address for them to send me the contract details through to, rather than just a Gmail one that I don't mind getting a bit of spam on.

    How can I progress from here?

    I've had numerous problems with Orange recently with my mobile dongle which took them a month to sort out and eventually it took a supervisor 2 minutes do resolve.

    Orange have quoted me one of their customer service managers email addresses, rather than a line manager but I still don't feel that this is acceptable. This is just going to get swept under the carpet with any other email that gets sent to through they're internal mailing system.

    Has anyone else had any similar problems like this and they can forward me some advice?

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