Orange Home Max - Is it any good?

    Just after a bit of advice here really. I've been with Orange and it's predecessors (Wanadoo & Freeserve) for a few years now and it's been relatively pain free, however I'm thinking of upgrading to Home Max.

    The reason for this is that I have my mobile and wireless internet with Orange which costs a combined £40 a month. Add to that my BT line rental my total payments per month is £51.

    If I take out Home Max it goes down to £44 a month, although my mobile contract will reset back month one of 18 (I'm currently in my 3rd/4th month)

    I know of the benefits of Home Max meaning I can call Orange mobiles for free and abroad for free using the livebox but is BT better staying with for my landlines incase I have problems with orange.

    Will Orange save me money on normal landline calls, especially with the missus calling down south and Scotland talking to family or are BT better?

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