Posted 7th Oct 2016

Just spent a good part of the day in upstairs bedroom to bring a cable to the living room and then connected everything and downstairs nothing worked. Checking router and the I have 3 ethernet cables plugged in 2 are green and the one for downstairs shows orange... I tried swapping it for the one which showed green and then that port shows orange too ... does that mean the ethernet cable is dead??:(

Tacked to the outside wall and everything and now have to undo and get another one? Or any other way to check if its definitely a dodgy cable. I've checked and no tacks have penetrated the cable by accident. I tried cleaning the connections but still shows orange. Anything else I can try?

It is brand new just been sitting there for a while and just had time to install it today.

The router is fine as I tried one of the orignal 2 cables in the port that was orange and it turns green. Just thought I'd ask here before taking the cable down and getting a new one ...

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