Found 25th Jan 2008
I ve just set up my wireless orange livebox, however , the signal keeps going. Has anyone else had issues? Ive had to pull the live box from the hall to as near the computer as possible to the wireless adapter inanother room. As it s supposed to be wireless , i now can see more wires. Any ideas how to solve this issue?


i have never had a problem with my livebox. it reaches 50ft out to my garden no problem? what kind of walls you have in your home? have you allowed the livebox to update itself yet?

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Okay , i ll wait abit longer and see if it up dates its self. Thanks for advice.
PS - My walls are made of double steel, hehhehehhehehe


never really had a problem either, is the signal light ok, mine from set up has been fine, had it about two years and had the odd blip of a lost signal, but thats about it

i would be more inclined to think maybe it was a problem with your wireless card, though those double steel walls cant be good....or in fact would they amplify the signal? i thought maybe you live in a castle with foot thick stone walls....that would be a wireless killer lol

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hahha that made me giggle. Seriously been to work all day to pay for my castles heating....hahhahah. Anyway left the husband at home and he could not get it internet on. When i got home, i unplugged wireless adapter from usb socket and moved livebox nearer to computer and it connected. but i really dont want to keep doing that all the time. Signal lights all ok on the livebox. a friend mentioned a booster????

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yeah, but this adapter seems to work??? As i couild not even get half way thru set up cd. It does seems a cheap one though, but was £25 from Orange. If it dosent work may change to TALK TALK they offering me FREE Broadband.
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