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Found 25th May 2008
We have just installed the orange livebox and can no longer get the PS3 connected to the wireless system, does any one know how to sort this, i phoned orange and they NOW tell me that it does not support the PS3 but did give me "details" to connect but the things they have siven me are not being asked for on the PS3 screen ,,, please please help x
thanks fizzie

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A bit confusing but if you changed router then the security key needs changed on the PS3 as it has the one from the old router. aka WEP/WPA key

Orange Internet & PS3 = Major problems.

My friend could not get it to work, and Orange didn't care less.

In the end he had no choice but to swap to another ISP.

try setting ur internet setting to open rather than shared?

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i changed the wep key on the ps3 and it never connected, argh (was using netgear EASILY before)

don't know how to change my internet settings, could you advise me where to go with that one thanks x

I've got the PS3 working with orange livebox. You need to get into the livebox - use configuration.adsl, name and password is set as admin and admin unless you've changed it. Go to configuration, advanced, wireless and set it as WEP or WPA. This setting works for me - if not try the other two options available (not no security though!) - one of them should work. Make sure you remember to press the 1 button on the livebox to intitiate pairing - i've forgotten this so many times!

I've also got my PS3 and Orange livebox working, I did have problems getting my wii connected and as "Nememene" indicated i had to use the advance settings to change the security to WEP. Which solved it and you do need to remember to put the live box into pairing mode.
So Livebox works fine with PS3 and Wii
Hope you get it sorted

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How do i do the pairing mode, the instructions are useless to a brain dead idiot like me, i can't get the wi-fi laptop conecting either, thanks x

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admin and admin, this is what i was looking for yesterday to try and get into the settings but never knew where to get these pass codes from, even phoned tech support and they gave me something completely different, sigh

You need to be in pairing mode whenever you are first adding a machine to the network - press the number 1 button on the livebox (near the usb) to start it. In the settings you can go to configuration, advanced, wireless and change the pairing time to say 40 minutes to give yourself longer to get the other machines sorted. Once you've pressed the 1 button you should go to connect to a network, click on livebox (or whatever you've called it) and enter the key provided in security, wireless connection in the settings - make sure the enable wireless LAN is ticked too.

Once you get one computer on you can use a usb device to transfer the same settings to any other computers.

Hope this helps. Let me know if you want any more details.

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Yey, i phoned them again and set up the settings on the laptop and it connects, think i have clicked as to how to add new connections,
NOW does anyone know how to stop the orange dial up box that says "connecting to you ISP" from comming up every tine i change page, the page won't load untill i click cancel, thanks to all so far xx

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Rep applied to all xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

I'm afraid mine has never done anything like that so cant help. Glad you got it working though - it took me many hours to find all the right settings to get xp, vista and consoles onto it. I strongly dislike orange livebox!!

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oh my goodness, lost all internet a couple of hours after getting it set up, just come off of the phone to them for 65 mins only just got main comp up and running with internet again, tried the wireless but it goosed they gona give me a call back from a superviser HA! I won't wait, i'll be contacting them tomorrow to come and take it away, arrrrrrrrr

Oh dear! So close. I'd change too except I get free landline calls through a phone using the internet, which saves a lot of money. It can be made to work eventually, just need to find the right combination of settings. I've got about 7 computers/consoles running through it at the moment. Let me know if you need any more help should you end up keeping it.

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ok guys, had no reply from orange (no supprise there then) took everything to bits, erased everything from memory and reinstalled, got the ps3 working on WEP but now the laptop has lost connection, lol back to the drawing board

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Yeh ... again, realised that you have to put disc into any new computer that you want to add, lol, all up and running again .

y is it so hard to connect with orange

im trying to connect my ps3 to my livebox but ive read some of the comments about the 1 and 2 buttons on the livebox but i dont have those i only have wifi and reboot so i dont know what to do
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