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Found 18th Mar 2008
Hey I am thinking of ringing orange to find out what they can offer me to go pay monthly - i been payg with them for about 5-6 years.

I would prefer anytime mins and some texts - more minutes than texts... (not so much bothered about the phone)
Anyone know what kind of deals they doing nowadays or what deals are standard nowadays. I dont want to get taken for a ride...

Any help appreciated...
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im on orange ready to renew my contract..they offered me various handsets unlimited texts which i believe is 1,000 text and almost certain they offered me 600 mins which was on the DOLPHIN deal ...was on their website last night checking out the offers they have a deal of the day which changes daily sometimes you can bag a good phone and a wii !! im keeping an eye out for that one but they are now 18 month and 24 month contracts, hope this helps you oh dolphin deal i told ya about £35 a month..check website they have various deals going to orange direct you get a better deal (from my experience)
I am currently 12 months through an 18 month Dolphin (600 mins and unlimited texts) for £25 - but have been with Orange a few years.
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