Orange Mobile / Broadband / i900 Help Please!!!

    does anyone know if orange does not give me the new i900 for free when i threaten to leave, if i do get my pac and leave does this affect my £5.00/mnth broadband deal? both the phone and broadband are out of their contracted times [ i had for 2yrs + ]??

    also whats the best way to attempt to leave? 150 or 343, i think they are realising the iphone is no longer a threat, and not giving the i900 away for free now,

    im on £35.00 mnth contract and customer since 1995. never really go over the 35.00

    Looks like vodafone is the best deal at moment.



    If you leave Orange then your broadband subscription which will be linked to your mobile will be affected as the stipulation is that you have a mobile tariff of £30 or over!

    I almost left Orange due to problems with my handset and reception but after a number of new handsets, sim and 'hours' on the phone to Orange CS's, I managed to get a Blackberry Bold out of them 6 months early and for nothing!!

    I have had a couple of issues with my Orange Broadband and did state I wanted to leave prior to calling about my mobile and they offered me 6 months free Broadband whether I still had my mobile or not and that they would keep me on the £5 a month deal!

    If you do want to keep your broadband, speak to the Broadband team first to thrash out a deal and then see what you can do with your Mobile contract. I went through 150 when dealing with both but with my Mobile I eventually spoke to a Manager as you may get a muppet that doesn't know too much and will fob you off.

    Good luck

    i left orange almost a year ago but still my broadband with unlimited calls is working.they take a fiver every month.

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    thanks for comments guys

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    they said they would cut my tariff to £15.00 / mnth on any phone except the Omnia i900, then I asked for my pac code.... should I expect a follow up call from retentions??
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