Orange mobile contract expiring in OCTOBER

    basically i phoned up planning to give the 1 month notice for termination of my contract

    but the person offered me some ''ok'' deals but they said u will only get these deals AFTER your contract has officially expired (oct 10th or summat)

    are they taking me for a ride, a clown, mickey mouse?

    because say i come back a month later dont like thier deals and cancel but then 1 month notice meaning they will take another months payment?

    some advice people!!!:-D


    How desperate are you to leave?

    IMO I'dd be tempted to follow that rather dodgy advice
    On 9th Oct I'd use up ALL my remaining mins and sms every last drop, and turn the phone off until the new inclusive mins and sms have been readded (] > your account) will show you this.

    When you get the new mins and sms, call them saying you want your pac code I'm leaving, see what they say.

    They'll realise you;re a high user, of late anyways and should offer you a goodish deal (Orange are not renowned for good retentions) and put on a loyalty tariff, you don't say if you want a new phone or what your differing usage is...

    If they offer you nothing or nothing decent, you have two choices, stay on your current rolling contract until you find something elsewhere or use the pac within 3 weeks (you can wait nearly 4 weeks but i'll probably be invalid by the time it's enacted) on another deal elsewhere come late October

    I would point out come 2nd half of November and definitely early December, lots of crazy cashback deals will be around leaving your options open if you can be patient.

    Original Poster

    some good advice there thanks!
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