Orange mobile contract help

ive been with orange for just over a year now
my contract is 18 months but i want to get out of it and go elsewhere

anybody know of any clauses where i can do this??


These contracts are pretty much air tight. You usually have to pay the remainder of the contract period. One option to minimise the repayment cost is to sell the phone, put that towards the outstanding value and then bag yourself a new contract elsewhere.

Unless theres some other cancellation term that could be invoked a year into the contract that would result in the contract being terminated at no cost then I'm not fully aware of it.

Alternatively, you could always state to them that you are in financial difficulties and would be unable to pay and rather than not pay at all, ask them to give you a discount on the remaining oustanding cost in order to be let out of the contract. Of course, this may hamper you if you try to go with them again, it may not. Its your Donald Duck on that one.

Sorry I couldnt be of further help! cheers.


phone them and change your package to the lowest available line rental. (usually £15-20 per month)

pay the remaining number of months times the new line rental eg 6 months @ £15 = £90 - as StevenA says you could sell the phone to get some of this cash back

Go elsewhere - remember to try quidco as well as they offer cashback with most major retailers whcih could also help towards getting the money to get out your current deal

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cheers guys, ill look into it
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