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Found 20th Feb 2007
As someone whose had pay monthly contracts with all the major mobile networks bar Virgin, I believe Ive been in a better position to comment on general customer support experience with different network providers than most.

All though most were attrocious, previously I'd had great experience with Orange Customer Services, no long wait times, comprehendable and knowledgable staff and general satisfactory resolvement of isssues.

However since the free Broadband deal has kicked in Orange seems to have gone into melt down regarding their Mobile Phone Support department. As a company that had previously portrayed itself as more compasionate towards its existing customers than potential customers Id gotten pretty ticked off about waiting 30-40 minutes on their automated service. In fact in two separate occasions the wait was so long my phone battery died before I was actually connected.

Being an up in arms kind of fellow that I am I sent a semi-serious, semi-tongue in cheek email to them regarding the current level of their customer service just to see how if theyd reply.

---------- Original Message: ----------

Hello, I have a few questions that I would like yourselves to answer.

1) As a company who previously prided itself on being more caring about your existing customers as opposed to potential customers. Has that attitude now changed? Seeing it is now not only possible but probable to wait about a good 30 minutes on your automated customer service before being put through to a customer service representative, where as the average wait on your broadband or mobile sales line is a mere 1 and a half minutes?

2) Will your customers see a speedy improvement from yourselves regarding this matter or will you Orange as a company not strive to make any improvements because you believe this level of service is acceptable and your customers have no right to expect better from you?

3) Will this email be ignored completely, or worse still replied with the usual cynical PR drivel that dodges the issue at hand and plays down the existance of a real problem , or will you break the mould set by so many other large corporations and be completely honest abouts what has really gone so awfully wrong with your previously high quality customer service.

4) Will things improve more rapidly if i forward a copy of this email to Watchdog and Ofcom.

Thank you for your co-operation.

Ali Dogan

And they actually replied but

---------- Reply Message: ----------

Hello Ali

Thanks for your mail about contacting the helpdesk.

We're sorry to hear that you have had trouble getting through to us.
Our customer service representatives are available between 8am and 10pm and we are continuing to improve our service and to shorten the time it takes to answer your calls.

Once again, we're sorry for the inconvenience this has caused.

Kind regards

Orange Customer Services

Might be time to give Virgin a a chance...

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