Orange mobile phones - Advice / comments please!

    I'm thinking of changing networks from O2 to Orange, having been with O2 for 5 years or so - Used to be with Orange about 10 years ago and I was pretty much happy with their service.
    Question is - are they still good? Any drastic changes to their policies they've sneaked in of late?
    It's not like in the olden days anymore - if you made the mistake of moving to a poor network, you were only stuck there for a year as I'm looking at a 24 month contract now.

    I'd really appreciate any comments on this - thanks!


    I'm happy with orange, they always help me out and they offer some wicked redemption deals when you get outta contract. You should check your reception though! just incase..

    But anyways, You gots a thumbs up from meh! =]

    i would say stay with 02, much better coverage.

    Been with Orange a few years now. Always seem to get a good deal. Havnt paid for home broadband so have stayed with them. Never go above minutes so dont get bills as such. Partner is with them and never had any trouble.
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