Found 26th Nov 2008
any more advice on orange or O2 for pay as you go?? I wanna change networks and nt sure which one is best

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i did alot of searching and orange pay as you go and o2 werent as good as t-mobile but you can do rolling 30 day contracts which might work out cheaper and with orange you get unlimited texts not sure with 02 plus my son is with orange and he has had no probs with his pay as you go sim hope this is of help

02 is good i get 1000 mins or text for 5 pound plus 300 text for toppin up

get solo on tmobile and you get unlimited texts and 600 minutes for £20 a month, i have never used o2 i used orange once didnt like it much i think tmobile is the best network

o2. Orange suck so so so much.

I've just moved to O2 from Orange and I've been with Orange for the past 9 years, I can't fault orange other than they take forever to test new handsets which come on the market, and this time round they didn't offer me anything competitive. On the PAYG front you will get more for your money with T-mobile than you will with Orange, O2 or Vodafone as they are seen as an inferior network and therefore offer more incentives. £20 a month with no contract is a good deal, 600mins, 1000 texts and unlimited web browsing. Orange do something similar, but it depends on you usage patterns and whats important to you. e.g Orange do orange wednesdays with Cinemas and Magic no.'s, O2 have priority gig tickets etc. Finally, checkout the mobile section in [url][/url] and don't forget to got through quidco where you can get £5-50 depending on what you choose. Hope this helps. :santa:

it depends where you live ask friends what sort of reception they get as you might get the best deal but its no good if the signal is c*** i have both payg and they all come with extras if you top up

Plus cashback! :-D

Orange prob the worse Cust serv I have had to deal with. I would advise to stay clear.
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