Orange phone contract nearing end but got free broadband - dilemma please help!

    Hi, I hope someone who has already been there/done this can help me as I have a dilemma!

    My 18-month contract with Orange is nearing its end and I'm on a £30/month tariff which includes free broadband. Apart from a blip about 7 months ago, the broadband has been fine, and we use it every day.
    Orange rang me today to see if I wanted to change handsets/switch to a different tariff.
    The phones they've offered me are either the Samsung U600 or the Nokia 6301, neither of which I'm particularly keen on after reading lots of reviews. I would need to still pay £30 per month to keep the broadband.

    I've used cashback deals in the past with Phones 4 U, who paid out as promised, and was going to hunt around for another one - however I'm not sure what happens with the free broadband...
    If I cancel my contract with Orange and take out another deal with someone else on an Orange £30/month tariff, can they just transfer the broadband, or do I have to go through the rigmarole of getting a new broadband account and waiting for it to be set up? And can I transfer my existing phone number easily?

    I could get free broadband with either Sky or Talk Talk (I know people with both who are happy with them) but again, I guess I would be without broadband whilst the new one was set up.

    If I get a decent cashback deal, it may even be worth it to pay for BT Broadband.

    However, just for the hassle factor I'm tempted to stick with Orange and see if they could offer a better handset on the same tariff, but wanted to know if anyone has been through this already, and what are your views?

    Any help gratefully appreciated!
    Thanks in advance


    to transfer your number you will need to phone orange and ask for the pac code. when i did this for husband they offered the world to try and keep him with them. asking for the code does not mean that you have to cancel your contract as you have a month (i think) to transfer your number.
    sorry i dont know what would happen regarding your orange broadband as i with virgin but you could arrange to get your sky broadband installed before your 30 days notice on your orange contract runs out

    Original Poster

    Thanks for your advice corinne, will try to find out Sky lead times as we both work from home so can't be without broadband!

    When transfering your number you need a PAC code as corinne said but you can't transfer your number within a network so basically you would only be able to take your number with you if you got a new contract on say vosafone or O2 (or any of the others)

    Been there with this one!!. Was on a cash back deal which came to an end. Orange had given me free broadband for being on a £30 + mobile phone contract. This free broadband would cost £20. Orange no longer do free broadband on its own. You have to take on their home phone, as well as the broadband, in a package costing minimum £15. If you take out a new Orange contract, ie with another retailer, you will lose your free broadband, but will be eligible for Orange's home phone and broadband package. If you renew your contract with Orange (min £30) you can keep your free broadband and have a shiney new handset. I cant tell you what to do, as thats your call, but I stayed with them, which is what they obviously wanted me to do!!. Hope this helps

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    Thanks Dougb, I hadn't realised I couldn't get the free broadband any more by going through another retailer... sneaky!
    I've seen a couple of phones tonight that I like better than the ones they've offered me, so might threaten to leave (I could still go with the Sky option) and see if they offer me a better handset... worth a try anyway.
    Thanks again!

    well I had the same thought... then I realised Sky didn't offer free braodband in my area but here's my thought process.

    Ring up retentions and see what retentions deal you get offered.

    I got my existing £30/month deal for £15 a month & a new phone... meaning I was still on a £30/month tarrif, just getting it for £15.

    If they couldn't offer me this deal then Broad Band is about £15/month as I see it... so if you can find another mobile contract that can give you just wot you want for under £15... then your making a saving (£15 mobile, £15 Broadband = £30)

    If you can't then stick with Orange @ £30/month (or less depending on retentions)

    IF you are thinking of having sky anyhow @ £16/month (cheapest plan) then you can spend upto £29 on a mobile contract and you'll be saving money!

    My 2nd thought was to get free Broadband with sky & tell Orange i've moved house and get the Orange BroadBand changed to my sister house... giveing us both Free BroadBand!!:w00t:

    You do the sums & pick the deal best for you!!.... good luck!!
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