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    Watcha, I'm after a new phone, I know which phone I want and strangely enough, it's cheapest direct from Orange. Thing is I'm off on holiday in a couple of days, so getting it from an orange store would be much more convenient. Is there anyway of buying online and collecting from store to get the online prices (a fiver cheaper per month) + the quidco?

    Any info would be good


    No - they don't let you do this...Orange online and Orange shops almost run like different companies. The shop guys won't even flex their tariffs so you can get the cheaper one either. Also, dunno if Orange online have told you they have stock - but my last phone took about 10 days to get dispatched and to arrive with me - so if you've only got a couple of days, don't bother with it.

    One thought - the SIM only tariffs are quite good in Orange - and you can normally get those in shops. Is it not cheaper to buy the handset on PAYG and then get the SIM only deal and swap SIMs? If it's a high-tier handset your'e after I guess the answer's no...

    not sure about that - however, i have recently upgraded, and the phone got sent out to me next day. So if you order today, it will be with you tomorrow!!

    EDIT - just seen the post above RE the 10 days. You should phone up the number on the site and order it via them, that way i think you will get the next day, and im sure they match the web offers

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    To add to the complication, the phones not out yet (due out on the 21st), but popped into the store yesterday and they have the blank out on display so expect it any day now...

    Could be a case of letting it settle and sorting it out when I get back...

    Thanks for the info though.

    Orange online and Orange shops ARE run as different companies.
    They have their own offers and deal and are not connected. They won't price match each other...
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