orange problems - no network coverage - anyone have a number to call please?

Found 14th Oct 2008
my phone has had no network coverage all day and its driving me nuts!

does anyone hve any tips or a number for orange please?

have taken sim from phone with no luck

and yes i pay my billls!
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Have you tried putting a non-orange sim in the same phone? If that sim gets reception, then you know its because Orange's network is poor. But if that sim also get no reception, then you know its more likely because the phone is no good.

Pay monthly mobile customers
150 from your pay monthly phone or 07973 100 150 from any other phone
From memory all orange internal numbers have the prefix of 07973 100, so for example

150 becomes 07973 100 150
450 becomes 07973 100 450

at least it used to be that way.

My advice, ask other orange users near you if they are having the same problem, if so, then its a broken antenna in your area.
take the battery out, take the sim card out, and put back together, sounds easy, but does a lot! it refreshes you on the network!

if that does not work, your phone internal aerial might be broke! hence no reception, or the orange network is down in your area!
Yep, orange totally rip you off with there helplines, I have orange broadband and thankfully I dont need to phone them. Is it just me or should it be free if your a customer?
Wear a tin foil hat

Wear a tin foil hat

That doesnt increase your signal, just helps block out the aliens from reading your brain.

panic over guys

apparently they are working on masts near me, 10 of them no less! went off at 8 this morning, back on at 5.30, nice of them to let people know eh!

to be done up and down the country so expect it if your with orange!

That doesnt increase your signal, just helps block out the aliens from … That doesnt increase your signal, just helps block out the aliens from reading your brain.

brain? whats one of those?
Mine is down again PL18 postal area got a signal box as well. Rubbish whens its for business and a daughter in the Navy
Hi I have had no service on my orange phones the last few days, it seem to come back on for a few minutes then off again.
Do we know what's going on as I have to make calls,
Do we know how much longer this is going on for
No signal on both our mobile phones in the DN21 area this morning we have had same problems for days spoke to orange who told me problem will be sorted out in 4 days great customer service.
No signal for me on three network.
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