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    I have just attempted to complete a transaction with Orange via Quidco to take advantage of their £130 cashback offer they have running.
    I got to last part of the transaction where I have been advised that in order to complete my transaction I need to call orange quoting my order reference number.
    I've been unable to find any clear advice on this... I know its happened to people in the past and I have read mixed outcomes, some had cashback declined and some received theirs... one person complained to Orange and they sent him a cheque.

    Does anybody have any solid advice on what I should do?

    The main question here is:

    If I call Orange to complete my order, will this invalidate my cashback as the transaction will not have been WHOLLY completed online.

    Any immediate advice appreciated!

    P.S. I've sent in a support ticket to quidco, waiting on their response and will post it when it arrives to help others who find themselves with this sh*t!


    I had to call and i still got my cashback (this was last year)

    Due to a problem with my order, i had to reorder on the phone, and i still got the cashback :thumbsup:

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    Thanks for your prompt reply, much appreciated!

    I've noticed that the transaction has tracked with Quidco, suppose that doesnt mean anything though.

    For other readers info - Quidco has tracked at £50, I believe this will be (at the latest) altered at the time of validation.

    Quidco havent got back to me yet, I did want the phone delivered tomorrow, no idea what oranges same day dispatch cut off times are... but I think ill just give them a call and complete the transaction then.
    I've made the assumption that this phone call is mandatory regardless of Quidco's reply.

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    Response from Quidco:

    Please note that if you proceed over the telephone you will not be eligible for cashback. Please contact the merchant and ask them to advise you why you cannot complete the purchase online. If you cannot complete the purchase online (i.e the merchant cannot amend their website to enable you to complete your purchase) then you will not be eligible for cashback.

    Orange want to validate my address... I've only been here just under 2 years renting whilst away from home at university. When asked if I can just use my home address and re-apply, Orange abruptly told me that this would not work as their database now has me on record.
    Somehow I think that their database can account for more than one person with the same name and date of birth but apparently not.

    So I have missed out on this cashback deal, cant say im pleased at all!

    I will be complaining to orange at a later date in hope of some compensation as I've read that some customers have succeeded. We shall see.
    Orange did throw in a small monthly discount which added up to something which I wouldnt have got if went online so all is not lost.

    When i had to phone up and reorder,i told the guy on the phone i wanted to order online becuase at the time they were offering £150 cashback. He gave me a deal on the phone and the line rental to compensate for my lack of cashback.

    Thing is, the cashback for the original order was validated and received, so i thought they had somehow linked the orderd

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    WOW Best of both worlds!

    Compensation for 'lost goods' and then you recieved the 'goods' afterall.

    I hope I may also be having my cake and eating it!

    The discount I got was £5 a month, all employees have a limited number of these to issue each month.
    There's some sort of loophole here whereby if you can part process an order online, enough to get your name and address on the system, youll be eligible for the online discount. then if you call up and they pull up your details the employee can add another £5 discount on top of what you have already got from online.
    ie. my Panther 40 tarriff costing £40 in the shops is £35 online and now costing me £30.

    I would post this in a seperate thread but if it gets alot of attention im sure Orange may act on it especially if alot of their customers are calling up asking for THEIR £5 DISCOUNT.

    @Oniiko - you were advised correctly in that cashback will be invalidated normally by telephone intervention, but it is not unheard of for it to track and pay anyway, especially for queries like address checks. If we receive it we will of course pass it on to you. However, I note that you also took a special offer direct from Vodafone over the telephone and it could be this alone which results in your cashback being declined.

    Good luck though!

    Kind regards,

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    .... Had my Cashback paid by Quidco yesterday! BARGAIN!!!!!

    Sony Xperia X10 - Panther 40 = £30 p/m + £130 Cashback
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