Orange Retention - read if you're eligible for an upgrade!

    Copied and pasted from my post on MSE.

    Today was the first day of my upgrade priod, having just entered the 16th month of my 18 month contract. Having kept a studious eye out on the offers people were offering me, I phoned up, hoping to score the HTC Desire for £10/month for 24 monhs that some people reported as getting (on HUKD).

    The only thing I needed was unlimited texts. As I send over 1000 a month (I treat it like MSN) it was the only "must" for me.

    Attempt #1
    Long story short, offered me a Desire for something like £17 a month. Plan included 500mb of internet I didn't need (I have £15/month 15GB MiFi on a rolling one month contract from 3). I asked if I could get it cheaper without the net, she claimed that it wouldn't have made the plan any cheaper(?). I had gone through the "thinking of leaving us" option, despite having 3 months left, and was very vocal of my genuine intentions of switching to vodafone, but she was unmoved.

    This is where the funny starts.
    Told her that, while I desired to stay with Orange, the Vodafone deals were better and was hoping she'd match them. I explained that, going through a cashback site such as Quidco would give me £150 cashback for a contract or £100 for contract sim-only. She tried to tell me that I wouldn't be the one receiving the cash! (what?!) Then, having been completely unimpressed with her handset offer (and not believing for a second that it was "the best we could do"), I asked her about sim only deals. She offered unlimited texts and 200 minutes for £10.50 or something a month. Again, mentioned vodafone, and she basically dictated to me that other providers wouldn't do unlimited texts on £10 a month! (?!?) (Voda offer £50 cashback on a 12 month £10/month contract with 300 mins and unlimited texts, and I made it clear that I knew this). In an attempt of pure bluntness, I quoted people's final deals posted on this forum. She said she had been looking at them, and told me I shouldn't believe what I read on the internet, and that the people were literally making them up. Really. She said that. At this point, I had had enough, laughed, told her "thanks anyway" and hung up.

    Attempt #2

    HTC Desire HD
    100 minutes
    Unlimited texts
    80MB internet (with max 60p/day charge if I go over)

    £15 a month, 24 months with £50 up front.

    That was my first offer given, from a really lovely girl. If at first, you don't succeed!


    We've just done the same and got

    HTC Desire HD for free
    400 Minutes
    Unlimited texts
    24 months

    Not bad, just wish we could have got 18 months but they will not move.

    Original Poster


    We've just done the same and gotHTC Desire HD for free400 … We've just done the same and gotHTC Desire HD for free400 MinutesUnlimited texts500Mb24 months£17.85Not bad, just wish we could have got 18 months but they will not move.

    Cool, that's a better deal, others should note that offers are conditional on who's phoning and I'm happy with what I got

    Im due an upgrade with 02 next week. I pay £30 a mth.oO

    android phones are nearly useless without web access 24/7(i.e htc desire )

    you better get some web access the 60p x 30 is £14.40

    also make sure the £15 per month is the new 20% vat rate

    otherwise if you're happy : well done

    a few days ago we got 1200min, unlimited text, 500mb internet, 18months, free htc desireHD and all the other usual stuff for £20 per month on orange upgrade

    i'm concerned the web access isn't enough and originally the offer was for £15 per month!

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    I said that I already own a MiFi, which is 15 gigabytes of mobile broadband in my pocket for any device to connect to. Regardless, it was bought just to sell on anyway so, unless I change my mind and go for it over my iPhone 4, it's no big deal.

    Managed to get for my dad retention deal after phoning 4 times.

    600 minutes, 500 texts,500mb internet,unlimited landline,magic numbers and 18 month contract.

    Htc Desire HD free of charge £20 a month

    How much internet access should i go for with a desire. I will use f/b and msn. No downloading anything.

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    Just ask for the 500, it's standard and it will never, ever be used up, unless you're specifically downloading files or streaming media.

    Was wondering myself how much 500mb was and if it would last a month. I would not be downloading just browsing so seems ok.

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    If you went over 100 you're never off your phone! Unless you have background stuff running 24 7.

    Phoned retentions up yesterday and took this deal.. Could of probably got a better deal if I tried a few more times but I was happy with it as it half's my line rental..

    Samsung Galaxy s free
    300 minutes
    unlimited texts
    24 months... Tried 18 but they wouldn't budge..

    £17.58 pm..

    My contract was up on the 18th of Feb...

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