Orange San Fran on Giffgaff?

    My wife's contract with Virgin is up soon, she pays £10 per month for 100 mins and 100 texts. From reading around on here the Orange San Francisco seems to be a good value phone, and GiffGaff contracts are also good value. From a brief look at their site £10 gets you 250 mins, unlimited texts and unlimited Web.

    Is there a way for her to keep her current number, buy a San Fran and have a GiffGaff sim? Any tutorials around for unlocking and rooting.

    Is GiffGaff a rolling contract, or 12 months? Will the offers change is it's a 30 day contract?

    Thanks for any advice


    Yeah, you ask for the number to be ported using giffgaff.

    Go here for all you need to know about unlocking etc.

    It's a rolling contract, you buy a goody bag every month.

    It's not a contract at all, it's PAYG - but you CAN buy a goodybag that lasts a month with free minutes,texts and data... after the month is done you're back to PAYG unless you buy another goodybag. I'm a light user so mostly just stay on PAYG, but occassionally buy a goodbag for those times when I know I will use it a lot.

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    Ok cool, so there's no guarantee the offers will stay the same then

    go for it

    i did a couple of weeks ago = great value and (for me) great signal etc.

    also signed my daughter up and a couple of mates.

    go via a referral link of someone who is a giffgaff member as your wife will then get an extra fiver's credit when she activates and does hr first top-up - what i did was top up £20, use the £20 to buy two £10 goodybags torun consecutively and leave the extra £5 credit as a failsafe in case i run out of mins (never gonna happen, don't call that much)

    let me know if you need any further info
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