ORANGE SAN FRANCISCO -£80/£90 or so (inc top-up)

    The TRULY ASTONISHING Orange San Francisco phone, available at a few places sporadically for eighty or ninety quid. If there is anyone left on here that doesn't already own one you should take a moment to reflect upon the shame you have brought upon your family, then rush out to buy one! Don't worry about eating or getting dressed first.
    To all those beautiful geniuses that have already acknowledged the true faith. WELL DONE!!!!
    You may now use this thread to tell everyone what a brilliant bargain this is, & don't be afraid to stint on subtlety when implying your own wisdom in making such a fantastic choice.
    Extra points if you talk about unlocking it or upgrading the version of Android. Warranty-Schmarantee!
    Go on lads, treat yourselves to a good rub up!


    Where is this available for £79.99 Inc topup? I am looking for one.

    am i missing summit or is he not playing with a full deck?

    Where can you get this bargain?Need details.

    Joey Bloggsy

    am i missing summit or is he not playing with a full deck?

    ^^^^^^^^ !

    I want some of what he's just had...

    Rolls eyes and makes *drinky drinky* motion..

    I think he is talking about ......ARGOS.... they are doing it for £89.99 including £10 top up......:D
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