orange san francisco help

    Looking for some help on OSF. Would appreciate a little help.

    I had purchased a OSF in March. I unlocked and rooted the phone and was using a vodafone sim in it. I have now switched to giffgaff now but the new giffgaff sim is not working. When I press the dial button, the phone displays Call Ended immediately.

    I am not using the orange SIM so cannnot go to Orange for Help.
    Giffgaff sim works in another phone so it is not a giffgaff problem.
    The phone is unlocked as I was using the vodafone sim in it for 3 months.

    I just cannot go past this Call Ended screen everytime I dial a number.

    Hope somebody can tell me what can the solution be for this issue.

    Many thanks in advance for your kind help.


    Giffgaff sim activated?

    And in networks you need to add/search new networks as this will be set to your last sim provider

    Try - Settings > Wireless & Network settings > Mobile networks > GSM/UMTS Options > Network operators

    Original Poster

    tried all this. nothing is working. Many thanks for your help...

    Can you send texts get on to internet
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