Orange San Francisco phones - advice please?

    Thanks in advance for answers.
    I'm thinking of buying 2 San Francisco phones for the kids at Xmas, but there's a couple of things I'm not sure about...

    1. How easy is it to unlock these so I can put a tesco sim inside?
    2. Is it possible to put android 2.2 on these?
    3. Would it be easy enough to put movies on & watch them through these?

    I don't know much about android but I've been told good things aboout this phone for the price.


    easy to unlock m8-make sure you get the OLED screen ones-far superior

    you said couple of question n asked 3 question,why?

    1, Very easy to unlock take 2 mins
    2, Yes you can load 2.2 froyo on it very simple. can change back as well
    3, yes rockplayer play's almost every format (app)

    Bare in mind the camera and battery are beyond rubbish. Other than that excellent little phone.
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