Orange San Francisco, roaming help please.

    Am on Orange and have data included in my contract but if I use the phone abroad is this charged extra like calls and if so if it's just for emails and occasional Navigation use will it cost much? Also will the Navigation work abroad?


    yes will cost a lot more, and esp if ur phone updates all the time you will need to get the settings changed to local so no charges are added abroad and find wi fi to do ur emails free. It depends where you are going for all costs. It will all be extra on your plan so be careful.

    Calls while roaming can be as much as £1.20 a minute, data can be up to £10 a meg. Depends on where in the world you are and which network you're roaming on.
    None of your plan allowance will operate when you're out of the UK, everything is charged for. Using sat nav software can result in a HUGE bill when you get back if it's the type that downloads as it goes, like Googe maps.

    Try and buy a local PAYG sim from the country that you're going to. That way you'll pay local rates and you'll have a much better idea of what you're spending.

    For satnav, don't use google maps or navigation as they download the maps over the Internet as you drive which will incur significant cost. Get a satnav app which has all the maps pre downloaded, then you can disable internet and just use gps, which doesn't need an Internet connection.
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