Orange San Francisco Speaker Problems?

I don't know if this is a problem for some people or just me but the speaker on my phone stutters when you play a song. It happens when you move it about but is okay when it is still.

I have tried a different media player to see if that's the problem, which it wasn't.

I don't know if it's the actual speaker itself, or the interface etc...
Can someone help please.


Have you got too many apps open/hogging resources, is it the screen orientation alternating that causes a stutter, have you tried it with headphones,are you using the stock music app or one from the marketplace, have you searched modaco?

Its the screen orientation that does it,

I wouldn't have thought it'd be a hardware problem (i.e. physically faulty speaker), rather some shortcoming in the phone's specs or an Android problem.

The SF is a terrible music player. I have previously used my phones for playing MP3s and hoped to do the same with the SF but it skips too much, making the track unlistenable. Have gone back to using a separate MP3 now!

Disable screen orientation as tonyg has suggested. I turned it off straight away as I find it annoying and it's so damn sluggish. I wouldn't return it to Orange if I were you. Go ahead and install a custom ROM.. sebanstian404's de-oranged ROM from Modaco [or whatever it's called] gets my vote.. install HomeSwitcher and then LauncherPro.. they replace the stock launcher which is much slower. Don't bother with Task Killers
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