orange san francisco - unlocking it help please

    hi there

    would appreciate a wee bit info from folk who have got this phone. mine has just arrived today (yippee!!) and i have never had a phone like this, so looking forward to it!!! but keep hearing people talk about the different screens and have checked my receipt to see if its an OLED (?) screen and it does not say, what is the difference in the screens?

    my plan is to use it for calls and texts as well as use the camera, is it good for these functions?

    thanks for your help - am about to try and unlock it!!!! lol


    calls and texts it's fine, but the camera is shockingly bad.

    Below is from the first post on the big francisco thread.....

    Screens are now TFT and not AMOLED for phones sold by orange themselves in order to reduce their costs. Phones sold by e2save were AMOLED a few days ago, its likely their future batches will be TFT. TFT reduces battery life and has a backlight when the screen is black instead of being completely black which AMOLED does. To find out if you phone has AMOLED you should switch it on, the black background surrounding the orange logo should be completely black, if its grey your screen is TFT. It hasn't been fully confirmed 100% but it also appears that if the rom version is OUK_P729BV1.0.0B08 then its TFT, if that ends with 0B05 then its AMOLED. You can find this info by going to Settings-About Phone-Build number. All White San Franciscos are TFT.

    Some websites describe the colour as grey, some as black, its actually grey, there is no black version available."
    - hajj_3

    Devices that have TFT Screens have the build Number OUK_P729BV1.0.0B08
    Devices that have OLE Screens have the build Number OUK_P729BV1.0.0B05

    The build Number can be found in - Settings | About Phone | Build Number
    - ReflexReact

    Who ever was asking how to identify an OLED screen then follow this which I posted in another form.

    As some B08s Orange San Franciscos have been reported as being OLED, we can no longer rely on the build number to ascertain whether the phone(s) have the OLED screen or TFT. This is bad news.

    On the brighter side, we can use codes to determine this instead.

    Dial *983*24474636# in the dialer. (refer to “Glass” to determine which screen category your phone falls under)


    LCD Information:
    IC: TL2796
    Glass: Samsung


    IC: NT35580
    Glass: LEAD OR
    Glass: TRULY

    So to conclude if you have a Glass:Samsung then it is OLED (No ifs and buts)

    Original Poster

    thanks - bad news re camera.......:(

    have spent 20 mins trying to unlock, i used the link that took me to nextgen, entered the imei number and clicked order, but when i put the sim in the phone it says "no sim" - any suggestions, i guess i have not unlocked it but not sure what i have done wrong...........
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