Orange SPV C600

    Anyone seem any decent deals on the spv c600?

    Im ideally looking for a tariff with lots of off peak minutes but orange's website seems to have stopped off peak tariffs

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    Two tariffs at OSPS... £20 QCo cashback.

    With both tariffs you get 1000 off-peak minutes, but it depends whether those minutes are being used to ring orange or other networks too. It'd be a wise investment to get the any network one.

    1000 off-peak minutes to ORANGE phones and UK landlines - £100 for the whole year's contract:…p;B[0][next][0]=&B[0][tariff]=P1000&B[0][handsetcode]=ORAC600

    1000 off-peak minutes to ALL UK phones - £115.92 for the whole year's contract:…p;B[0][next][0]=&B[0][tariff]=PROFF&B[0][handsetcode]=ORAC600

    (Sorry, I couldn't make the links shorter because my coding machine is broken. )

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